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CNC Punching

We offer production CNC Punching of items such as brackets as well as components for subsequent folding such as enclosures and general fabrications. Based on our two Delta CNC punches we can offer high speed punching from nested sheets of upto 1275mm x 1275mm and 6.4mm thickness. Our CNC Punching capacity is outlined below.

New Delta 1250RS Thin Turret: 19 Station (Sleeved) Thin Turret, 3 off 88.9mm Diameter Auto Index Stations, 1275mm Y Axis Travel, 1275mm X Axis Travel, 6.4mm maximum material thickness, 20 Tonne Punching Capacity, New “R” Series High Speed Hydraulic Ram, 320 Hits/min at 25mm pitch, 740 Hits/min Nibbling hit rate, 1100 Hits/min Marking hit rate, High Speed axis drives 75M/min in each axis.

Shape Delta 1000: 19 Station Turret. Punching upto 6mm thick, standard turret configuration to minimise set up time. Extensive tool library. This machine provides a 1275 x 1025 mm (50.2" x 40.4") work area without repositioning and offers up to 320 HPM on 25 mm (1") centers.

Tooling: We hold a wide range of tooling that allows us to punch most shapes and contours. Tooling is regularly inspected and either reground or replaced as is required. We can also arrange for custom tooling to be manufactured at short notice to customer specification.

Programming: We accept most standard CAD files including .


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